Sitawa Namwalie

Sitawa Namwalie is the author of the poetry anthology called “Cut off my Tongue” which is her first published anthology.  “Cut off my Tongue” is also a show of dramatised poetry which has been performed to critical acclaim in Kenya and in the UK.  In 2009 the show was invited to perform at the Hay Festival in the UK.  In 2009 "Cut off my Tongue" received support from the Chanagamoto Fund (an arts fund of the KCDF) which was used in developing the performance aspect of the show.  In 2010 “Cut off my Tongue” was selected by the Sundance Theatre Lab as one of four projects at the first East Africa Lab.  In the same year “Cut off my Tongue” received a commendation for the Freedom to Create Prize. 

Sitawa is a Kenyan poet and writer interested in how Africans are defining themselves in today’s world. In writing she finds her expression. She lives in Nairobi and has worked in the development industry for many years after graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology, and later obtaining a Master of Arts degree in Environment, Society and Technology from Clark University in Massachusetts, USA.  Sitawa is married and has three children.