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Kwani Trust is an African publisher and promoter of cultural production. The Trust also puts on events and supports projects that discover and nurture literary, photographic and other artistic output. Read More

Poetry Anthologies This represents a new line of products from the Kwani Trust. Our first wholly poetic product, To be a Man, features winning poems from a competition run by the trust

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Fiction from the Kwani Trust The Trust has published works of fiction in the Kwani journals, but Stanley Gazemba's Stone Hills of the Maragoli represents the first of a venture into short works of fiction.

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True Life Stories Non-fiction is a traditional strong point of the Kwani Trust. Apart from the short stories in the annual journals, we've published a number of short, powerful narratives of Kenyan life

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Pocket-sized prose This series features award and acclaim winning short stories previously published in major titles such as Granta, G21, Chimurenga and Kwani?

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Kwani? 01 is the first of a series of annual editions of Kwani? Kwani? 01 launched a renewed interest in the reading of local literary material by Kenyans and international readers. It showcases aspects of the creative energies that seemed dormant in Kenya  in the 1990s and 1980s, hailing the emergence of a new post-independence generation. Kwani? garnered immediate international interest when one of the stories, Weight of Whispers by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, won the Caine Prize for African Writing, 2003; the first time a country has won the prize for two consecutive years – Founding Editor Binyavanga Wainaina had won the prize the previous year for his story, Discovering Home.

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An exploration of contemporary literature and identity. Building on the first issue, Kwani? 02 adds into the exciting Kwani? 01 to mirror the post-millennial angst of young Kenyan writers, poets, cartoonists and photographers. Highlights include Parselelo Kantai ’s Comrade Lemma and the Black Jerusalem  Boys Band and Uwem Akpan’s An Xmas Feast.

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Themed on the 1970s The cover of this Kwani takes on the visual arts to make the written word as interesting and interactive as possible. Established writers M. G. Vassanji and Zimbabwe’s Charles Mungoshi share its pages with several writers published, for the first time anywhere, in Kwani? 03.

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Following the great tradition set by its three predecessors Kwani? 04 presents a wail of new voices in literary concert with the not so new. The now established talents – Binyavanga Wainaina, Muthoni Garland, Doreen Baingana- share these pages with the fast risers: Billy Kahora, Mukoma wa Ngugi and Shalini Gidoomal.

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The Kwani? 05 collectionwas born at a momentous historical juncture and as such it is a historical signature itself. Kwani? 05, like its predecessors, seeks to destabilise that which we assume to be given; it jolts us out of the zones of comfort that we have started to reconstruct — reminding us about the cost of the ‘peace’ we now ‘enjoy.”

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The second 400 pages of a twin edition, Kwani 05-2 further examines Kenya in the context and violent aftermath of its 2007 elections. Here, writers, photographers, poets, cartoonists provide further collective narratives on what we were before, and what we became, during the epochal first 100 days of 2008. The issue also features a extended travel piece based in Uganda that comparatively explores the concept of ethnicity, and the history of a peoples in a space other than our own.

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Kenya Burning

KenyaBurning is a coffee book of the most memorable images of Kenya's darkest hour yet, the episode of intense violence following the disputed 2007 election.Read More

The Africa I Live in

The Kwani Trust announces a short story competition intended to discover and bring together on the same pages the best of new African writing talent.Read More

Generation Kenya

Generation Kenya is a Kwani Trust project aimed at capturing images and stories of the most iconic Kenyan stories as nominated by the public. Read More

Billy Kahora in Granta

Kwani Editor Billy Kahora had an interesting interview in Granta in which he spoke of his work, 'The Gorilla's Apprentice' and of the increased quantity and diversity of literary production across the continent.Read More



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