Kwanini? Series
After the Vote : Now available as part of Kwani? 05 Part 1

Kwanini? Series

After the Vote : Now available as part of Kwani? 05 Part 1

Authors: Kalundi Serumaga, Alison Ojany Owuor, Andia Kisia, Simiyu Barasa, Tony Mochama
Genre: Creative Non fiction
No. of pages: 9966-7008-1-1
Size of book: 135mm x 115mm
Price: Ksh. 200 ($10)
Year of Publication: 2008

The Kwanini? series reminds Dr. Tom Odhiambo here of the pocket-size economy that came years ago to East Africa – the small sachet margarine and the likes; if economies create inequalities, then industry follows by creating super-small for the common-man. Luckily, he finds the pocket-size Kwanini? raises good memories, although it tells tales that don’t.


Alison Owuor Alison
Ojany Owuor is a young published poet who has presented her work in different public forums. She got her voters card and also graduated from college late last year. She is looking for three things: meaningful work, Kenyans who are of the ethnic group enyan, and hopeful imaginings in red, green, white and black.

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Andia Kisia
Andia Kisia is a writer and perpetual student.

Simiyu Barasa

Simiyu Barasa (Kenya) - A Kenyan filmmaker and writer. He was Writer/Director of the Feature film ‘Toto Millionaire’ (2007) and has written for numerous Kenyan dramas like Makutano Junction, Tahidi High and Wingu la Moto. His fiction has appeared in Africa Fresh: Voices from the First Continent. His opinions have appeared on NewYork Times, Nigerian Guardian, and South African Southern Times.

Kalundi Serumaga
Kalundi Serumaga lives and works in Kampala, Uganda .

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Tony Mochama
Tony ‘smitta’ Mochama is a poet and journalist who lives and works in Nairobi. A Law graduate, Tony is also a vodka connoisseur, gossip columnist extraordinaire, and has a collection of short stories coming out soon titled – ‘The ruins down in Africa’. He has also been called a ‘literary gangster’, from time to rhyme. His collection of poetry, ‘What if I am a literary gangster?’ was published by Brown Bear Insignia in 2007.

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Only available as part of Kwani? 05 Part 1