Kwanini? Series
The Cock Thief

Kwanini? Series

The Cock Thief

Author: Parselelo Kantai
Editor: Billy Kahora
Genre: Short Fiction
ISBN: Parselelo Kantai
No. of pages: 36
Size of book: 135mm x 115mm
Price: Ksh 300 ($10)
Year of Publication: 2010

Twice Caine Prize short-listed writer, Parseleleo Kantai explores the interface between reality and myth, desperation and futility that emerges from the death of belief in a collective future, and ultimately in the self – and the subsequent unachievable hope of escaping poverty when one is without the usual advantages.

Cock Thief’s backdrop is Moi’s Kenya ; the main character, the President’s driver and confidante, turns thief and takes to the border with one of the Leader’s significant emblems – a golden cock. This is the ultimate Kenyan heist story.

Parselelo Kantai has a flair for sounding the alarm. Formerly the editor of the East African environmental quarterly Ecoforum, Kantai wrote and oversaw the publication of ”A Deal in the Mara,” which shed light on the corruption in the management of the Maasai Mara. Kantai, one of Kenya’s most pointed investigative reporters, has contributed to a series of East African magazines and dailies and is currently working on a novel set during the 1970s Kenyatta years. In 2004, Kantai was runner-up for the Caine Prize for African Writing for his fiction piece ”Comrade Lemma and the Black Jerusalem Boys Band.”

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