Kwani? Journal
Kwani? 05 Part 01: Maps and Journeys

Kwani? Journal

Kwani? 05 Part 01: Maps and Journeys

Editor: Billy Kahora
ISBN: 9966-7182-1-4
No. of pages: 237
Size of book: 235mm x 155mm
Price: Ksh 650 ($19.5)
Year of Publication: 2008

This is the first of a twin edition that examines Kenya in the context and violent aftermath of its 2007 elections is available from bookstores from February 28th. In the two issues, over 50 writers, photographers, poets and cartoonists provide a collective narrative on what we were before, and what we became, during the epochal first 100 days of 2008

Censuses have been ordered in key locations
and we have
body counts
– Keguro Macharia, ‘Kenya, in Retrospect’

 We are not looking for lilywhite boys,
lucent and incorruptible.
We are looking for a margin of human error,
a hasty scrawl of responsibility
-Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, ‘Transparency’

...Of course I had heard the rumours; rumours were everywhere. I called the government like crazy,
but you don’t wait for such rumours to be confirmed. You take precautions. The people in town
decided, let’s call reinforcements. By the 25th, at six in the morning we had reinforcements from
Naivasha and other places – what everyone calls Mungiki...
-Rift Valley Testimonial

...Kenya, I cannot avoid thinking, should see what Uganda did to itself before plunging headlong
into the mess. When people speak of ethnic hatred, they have the confidence of those who have
not yet fallen and broken a limb...
-David Kaiza, ‘Benediction in Oyugis’

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