Also Available
How To Euthanise A Cactus

Also Available

How To Euthanise A Cactus

Author: Stephen Derwent Partington
Genre: Poetry, single-author collection
ISBN: 9781907090165 (1907090169)
No. of pages: 80
Size of book: 216x140 mm
Price: 800 ksh
Year of Publication: 2010, Cinnamon Press, Wales, UK (

‘How to Euthanise a Cactus is an important second collection from one of East Africa’s most talented poets... Partington combines political engagement with highly crafted writing, inviting readers to glimpse the heady mixture of beauty and violence, humanity and danger that characterises a nation and a region of the brink of both catastrophe and hope’

Stephen Derwent Partington is a talented young writer, married into Kenya, who studied at various universities in the UK and Germany, including Oxford.  While in the UK, many of his poems appeared in respected magazines and journals, including The Rialto, The New Welsh Review, Smiths Knoll, Verse, Poetry Wales, Thumbscrew, Iron, Swansea Review, Frogmore Papers, etc. 

Stephen lives and works near Machakos, Kenya, with his young family.
An independent review of How To Euthanise A Cactus is available at The New Black Magazine.
Mukoma wa Ngugi: ‘Stephen Derwent Partington is one of those rare writers - a poet’s poet who is also a people’s poet - one who damns the enlightenment and what it has spawned, yet he never stops wrestling with this mess we call humanity’ 
Tony Mochama: ‘Blows you out of the water with its sheer brilliance’
Phyllis Muthoni:  ‘Stephen's poetry is many things: provocative, subversive, yet compassionate. It grounds you in its candid examination of the present, but also creates discontent with the status quo. You want to get up and do something about what is not working. A must read’

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