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Kamlesh's Plea
By Tony Mochama

“My Lords, I had glorious dreams of Kenya
Gleaming, glittering shining dreams
of turning Kenya into a golden mountain
from the shores of Lake Victoria
right up to Kakamega
I had a dream, my Lord,
where everyone would check the time
on the golden Rolex
but now I stand accused of a crime
they say Kamlesh is a cunning fox

In my glittering vision
(Brought after St. Paul appeared to me)
Midas appeared on the horizon
and guided my feet to the Central Bank,
where he told me, “Come on, help yourself, go on.”
Goldenberg was but a mission from God
I had a dream, my Lords,
where every damsel’s fingers in Kenya
was adorned with golden rings
and every youth was wearing bling bling!

So I asked you, my Lords,
I asked you-in all fairness…
Is it fair, I swear, is it fair
To put a man in Kamiti
And in K.N.H*
For sharing his golden dreams-
With KANU, Kotut, Kulei and Ndetei?”
*Kenyatta National Hospital

About the author
Tony Mochama is a poet based in Nairobi. He is also a feature writer at The Standard.
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