Ma3   (Maa-­‐Three)   is   a   6-­‐piece,   quirky   Afro   Pop   band   from   Nairobi   that   borrows   its   name  from  the  inescapable  public  transport  mini-­‐  vans  that  dot  cities  in  Kenya  and   all  over  Africa    

Ma3   is   made   up   of;   Kenya’s   most   in-­‐demand   drummer-­‐Matthayo,   young   electric   guitar   prodigy-­‐   Kato   ,   Karanja   on   Bass,   Kenya’s   only   intellectual   property   lawyer   with   a   prolific   music   career   -­‐   Karimi   on   acoustic   guitar,   the   magical   Nanjira   as   the   band’s   vocalist/front   “man”   and   Tim   Rimbui,   one   of   East   Africa’s   leading   music   producers  -­‐  on  the  keyboards.  

In  the  two  short  years  that  Ma3  has  been  in  existence,  the  band  has  headlined  two   of   the   biggest   festivals   to   grace   Nairobi   i.e.   the   Spread   the   Love   Festival   with   Kirk   Franklin   (September   2009)   and   Nairobi   Kinanda   Arts   Festival   (December   2009)   featuring  Freshly  Ground. 

In   addition,   Ma3   is   currently   the   in-­‐house   band   on   The   Patricia   Show   Season   II-­‐   Africa’s  largest  TV  talk  show,  syndicated  twice  weekly  to  43  African  Countries  with   an   estimated   audience   of   20million   viewers;   it   is   on   this   stage   that   Ma3   have   collaborated  with  great  African  music  luminaries  like  Loyiso  Bala  from  South  Africa,   Atemi  Oyungu  –Kenya,  Maurice  Kirya-­‐  Uganda,  Mzunguu  Kichaa  from  Tanzania,   Zakii  Ibrahim  from  South  Africa  just  to  name  a  few. 

Ma3’s   sound   is   that   of   young,   contemporary,   urban   Africa;   mixing   soulful   English   /Swahili  lyrics  with  spell  binding  guitar  riffs  built  on  a  solid  rhythm  section.     Ma’s  Ep-­‐  album  is  set  for  release  at  the  end  of  2010.  

If   you   love   Freshly   Ground,   Sauti   Sol,   Asa,   Lira,   then   Ma3’s   music   is   definitely   up   your  alley!