Deadline: 17th September 2012
Word count: 45,000-120,000 words
Submissions should be adult literary or genre fiction (in the sense of not being 'children's fiction')
The work should be in English or 'Englishes'
The manuscript must be new in the sense that it is unpublished in book form (we will accept previously published submissions if circulation has been under 500 copies and limited to one national territory)
Eligible participants should have at least one parent born in an African country who holds citizenship of the same
Please send submissions by email, attached as a WORD doc to

Formatting Guidelines:

Name of author (Times New Roman, 12. Bold left justified)
Contact address, telephone number and email (Times New Roman, 12. Bold left justified)
Title of manuscript (Times New Roman 14. Bold, centered)
The manuscript should be in Times New Roman, black, size 12, justified, 1.5 line spacing
Page numbers and name of author on every page please
Word count at the end of the manuscript, bold and left justified
Please also include a cover letter providing an overview and synopsis of the manuscript, and a brief author biography.
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