The Kwani? Manuscript Project, our literary prize for unpublished novel manuscripts, was set up to celebrate the adaptability and resilience of the African novel and to start a conversation. While the judging of the prize took place, we wanted this conversation to continue and so shared a series of provocative comments and essays which question and explore the idea of the African novel - its foundations and possibilities. With contributions from AK Kaiza, Imraan Coovadia and Boniface Mongo-Mboussa, we hope these pieces will inspire new writing and generate debate.

Growing up in the shadow of the African Writers Series, AK Kaiza explores its influence and impact on subsequent generations of writers. Read More.

Boniface Mongo-Mboussa suggests that the year 1968 began a revolution in African novel and points forward to the impact of this on writing today.  Read More.

Imraan Coovadia argues for the novel as something new, explores its building blocks and questions whether the African novel even exists. Read More.

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