Dayo Forster

Dayo Forster was born in The Gambia, a tiny strip of a country in West Africa’s coast. Together with her family she lived in a house that overlooked a medical research centre which contained huge cashew trees. A taste for tree climbing and adventure developed in order to go cashew hunting on the other side of the fence. As a much younger sibling among five, Dayo was known to spend hours in the bathroom – the only secure place to escape household chores – either reading, or staring at the floor, which had speckled grey grains embedded in white tiles. Dayo used to daydream patterns and pictures in her head, as one does looking at clouds – or the ceiling, as her protagonist in Reading the Ceiling does. Their house was close to the ocean, and Dayo could always hear the sea at night as a child, crashing away against the rock cliffs jutting out into the Atlantic.

Dayo studied statistics and computing at the London School of Economics and took up writing aged 35, while living in America, essentially to figure out a way of expressing opinions and publishing essays on various topics. Dayo stumbled into fiction while attending a writing workshop.

Dayo has since published a short story in Kwani? and participated in the 2006 Caine Prize Writer’s Workshop, during which she produced a new story, which was published in an anthology, The Obituary Tango.

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