Kwani Staff

Founding Editor - Binyavanga Wainaina is a Kenyan author, journalist and winner of the Caine Prize.

Wainaina was born in Nakuru in Rift Valley province. He attended Moi Primary School in Nakuru, Mangu High School in Thika, and Lenana School in Nairobi. He later studied commerce at the University of Transkei in South Africa, after which he worked in Cape Town for some years as a freelance food and travel writer.

In July 2002 he won the Caine Prize for African Writing for his short story “Discovering Home”.

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Angela Wachuka

Angela Wachuka recently returned to Kenya from London, where she studied and worked for 6 years. She joined Kwani Trust in March 2008 as the Managing Editor.

Previous to her current post, she worked as a freelancer for BBC’s African News and Current Affairs Department, as a broadcasting assistant on both Focus on Africa and Network Africa Radio Programmes , and as a sub to the Managing Editor of the quarterly Focus on Africa Magazine.

Angela holds a BA in Anthropology & Law from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

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Billy Kahora

Billy Kahora is the Editor of Kwani? He also writes fiction and was recently a Chevening Scholar based at the University of Edinburgh as a Creative Writing postgraduate student.

Billy studied and worked in South Africa for 8 years and in between worked as an editorial assistant for one of the largest African news sites, All in Washington D.C. He has a 4-year Bachelor of Journalism degree and post-graduate diploma in Media Studies from Rhodes University South Africa.

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Erick Orende

Erick Orende joined Kwani in 2005, with the role of being in control of the financial management as well as advising and being involved in the strategic direction and administration of the Trust.

Eric in his own words:

What I like about being in Kwani, is that its small enough that each individual’s contribution really counts. Everybody’s voice can be heard and every member of staff is encouraged to say what they think. This means that we all get recognition for our successes, but also there is no hiding from our mistakes!

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Annette Majanja

Annette Majanja is the Public Relations officer. She is responsible for the organisation’s outreach activities and communication with partners and friends of Kwani Trust. She has B.A in Language and Communication from the
University of Nairobi and a Certificate in Publishing from the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University.

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Mike Mburu

Mike Mburu is currently in charge of Sales and Marketing. He has a diploma in Marketing and has been involved in the arts since 2003. He was previously involved in distribution of local music and managing various artists before moving to the distribution of books and local films. He has coordinated the Kenya Cine Week which evolved to become the Kenya International Film Festival.

Mike in his own words:

My love for the arts is beyond words, what I see is a bright future in the arts whereby Kenyan artists will eat from their sweat and hard work to make people appreciate art. My dream is marketing artists and making the society believe and love arts and take art as part of their lives and be sure they can’t do anything without it.

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Michael Maina

Michael Maina is an upcoming artist in his own right. He has worked, for many years as a designer/illustrator and is the Kwani In-house graphic designer.

Michael graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and is proficient working in both the traditional and digital forms.

Contact: m.maina @