Kwani? Open Mic April 2009

Featuring: Joseph Wambua aka Jemedari.
MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 7th April 2009
Venue: Club Soundd
Time: 7pm
Entry: 100 Ksh

About the Featured Poet

He was born in the coast and raised in Nairobi, getting exposure to various urban forms of art. He landed a recording deal with Mtu Kawaida and is currently working on an album. Poetically, he started reciting solo verses in primary school and slowly developed into the more mature poetry witnessed at the Kwani Open Mic nights.

His style is laced with alliteration and wordplay, naming it “floetry”- a fusion of freestyle rap and poetry.

He focuses on comical yet artistic wordplay to depict society in its ideal light and shed the shine on the underdog. He describes himself as “overlooked, underrated, sidestepped and backstabbed”, based on his journey through the arts. Poetry to him is life and life is poetry in motion.He is currently polishing up a six track poetry compilation entitled “The Pain”, produced by SpEnt VooDoo.Quoting Julius Caesar Jemedari says “What is life, but poetry in motion?”

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