Kwani? Open Mic May 2009

Featuring: Eko Dydda/A.K.A.D.E.M.I.C.S.
MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 5th May 2009
Venue: Club Soundd
Time: 7pm
Entry : 100 Ksh

About the Featured Poet
The DEMICS is simply Delivering Empowering Messages In Composed Songs. And, that is what he does! He is a performing poet & artist as well as a music writer. His prime inspiration to write & perform comes from God. He takes his real life experiences as an account of what God has done in his life in other words, “my testimony is expressed out poetically & musically”. He began writing poems & music in November 2004 as a result of seeking God’s wisdom and will for his life.

His poetry & music delivery is one of its kind-he likes to call it the ’stutter experience’. He stammers intentionally as he delivers. “As weird as that may sound, that is the style God has imposed in me and am using it to take poetry and music to greater heights”. One is likely to spot him at the WAPI events, MadLove lounge, KICC, KWANI, Kenya National Theater, Nairobi Cinema, Faith based concerts/conferences, e.t.c.

During his spare time, he coaches kids, poets, and upcoming artists at Mobody Academy. One of Mobody Academy’s projects is Mobody Christmas. This is a solely self-funded project whose mission is to provide basic needs e.g food & edutainment to young adults and the youth on a monthly basis. Their aspiration is to grow, expand and hopefully obtain external support from individuals & organizations

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