Kwani? Open Mic June 2009

Featuring: Oballadan
MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 2nd June 2009
Venue: Club Soundd
Time: 7pm
Entry: 100 Ksh

About the Featured Poet
Home: I am from Kajulu-kadero; on the shores of Nam Lolwe.That is where I was born. The only home that I know. But I have traversed the country and lived in almost every corner of it. Inspiration: I draw my inspiration to write poetry from all the things that my six senses experience. But above all, I was inspired to write poetry by the likes of Amiri Baraka, Langston Hughes, Dead Prez, Channel Live,Talib Kweli,Killa Priest,Strange Fruit Project, to name but a few.

Aspirations: Earlier on in life I thought that I’d be a sportsman but due to lack of facilities in the place where I was growing up the dream was deffered.But I believe that when one door closes another opens. Now that am in this poetry thing I will persue it to the best of my ability.

How I got into poetry: Well, I have always been a word smith( a trait which I owe to my mother) I have my own way of calling things that deviate from the mainstream way of naming things and word usage.Still,back in High school at Ambira boys I was very strong in drama. And anything that involved artistic expression would get the hair on my head standing on end. But it is sad that after high school I was left in the lurch, as it were. With no place to showcase my talent I wrote my poetry only to ‘Opium’ myself.

Why Poetry? Okay I love the way poets use words to inspire and give hope. Spoken word is poetry that is written to be performed. It is meant to vent out, encourage and elevate. This is what I am always aspiring to do with my poetry. I did not have a place to show my poetry until I joined CAMPUS in 2006.That is when I got to know about the ‘open mics’ that were mushrooming all over Nairobi. At first I had cold feet. Will they accept my type of poetry or will they reject it? Am I game enough to do this? And what is the reward for all the effort? Questions shot though my mind like lottery balls. But I decided to do my thing nonetheless.

First performance: My first performance was in Campo where GOMAD (an artistic outfit to which I belong) was having a show. It was a blast. And after that I targeted Wapi? My first performance at Wapi? Came in Dec of 2007. I loved it. After performing poetry for some time I linked up with Imani Woomera who nurtured my talent and moulded it into a spoken word style. Mad mad love to Imani.

Achievements: Beside achieving self awareness through poetry I am also a SLAM champ, couldn’t get any better,could it? Yeah and thanks to Wapi? for promoting subterenean talent. Dreams: To take my spoken word to the next level.

Last word: Belief above all else.

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