Kwani? Open Mic October 2009

Featuring : Grand Master Masese
MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 6th October 2009
Venue: Club Soundd
Time: 7pm
Entry : 100 Ksh

About the Featured Poet
Grandmaster is a name he adopted early from his high school days since he was taking part in most of the school activities from sports to music to drama. So everybody thought he was like a master and that is when he added Grand before Master. So mostly he became the Grandmaster of poetry, music, drama and debating in school and most importantly the Obokano Master. He was born and brought up in Nyamira; North Kisii.

He later came to Nairobi and began the artistic journey as a writer, poet, dancer, musician and a comedian. He has written in The Standard’s Moments Magazine before it was scrapped off and the Taifa Leo, writing poetry, stories and features.

Since 2005 he worked and participated in the Kwani? Open mics as a musician and poet as well as the Summer Literary Seminars Nairobi taking a course in creative writing and the Kwani? Litfest last year doing a course in performance poetry.

He has also been participating in the British Councils WaPi including performing for Prince Edward when he came to Kenya at the British council..

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