Open Mic
Kwani? Open Mic December 2014 Edition

Open Mic

Kwani? Open Mic December 2014 Edition

MC: Cindy Ogana

Date: 7th October 2014

Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Mama Ngina Street, IMAX Cinema, Arfa Lounge

Entry: 400 Ksh at the gate.

Advance tickets only via Mpesa at ksh300: Simply select "Buy Goods" on your MPesa menu, enter the "Till Number" (56714) and follow instructions to complete transaction. Your ticket is redeemable for a soft drink at Ksh 200, top up for a hard drink of your choice.



Muthoni “Mso” Gitau is a self-proclaimed lover of the arts. Maybe poet, hopefully a writer and a hobbyist photographer. Very tall but most people can’t see it.

I believe that the arts can be used for positive social change and as a great way to raise awareness about the different issues we go through on a daily.

Looking forward to the day the arts will be recognised as a career choice and people will stop expecting me to get a ‘real job’.

"Home is where your heart is, this is my life. Welcome to my home"



Poeticbee was born in the year 1992 Feb 4th. She’s what we could consider a countryside poet. Growing outside Nairobi makes most of her work relate to, and wish towards, that other life she hasn’t lived. Poeticbee started writing in 2008. Her first poem ‘Can you comprehend this?’ was inspired by the political crisis that going on at the time. Poeticbee questions social life, religion and humanity.

On a normal day a hot cup of tea gives her hiccups, but what’s normal to her is totally not to many. Poeticbee has a special attachment to anything that makes a rhythm and she’s been working for years to merge her poetry with her musicality. She has stood on stage with legends and spoken word/poetry artist like Kennet B on Radio Citizen for a poetry show that happens every Saturday. Sheis the 46th Slam Africa Queen, a June edition featured poet for Kwani? Open Mic.

She has a beauty and passion for re-arranging Norms – given a chance she should re-paint the sky. Poeticbee is a vocalist, a poet, a writer and a performer, currently working on SPOKEN WORLD:S, an exchange program between Berlin and Nairobi, working among the greatest poets in Nairobi.

“Poetry can’t be forced, it’s not competitive. It’s a lifestyle. To some is a taboo while to some it is what wakes them in the morning or what makes them stay alive." Poeticbee is one of those who will die with poetry.


Having been able to travel to some parts of the country Poeticbee has discovered diversities in poetry, and her wish is to capture every storyteller, poet, musician from any part and any corner, or form of art, and create an arena for all – all at the same time.


As a child, Wordbenda’s world was shattered when he moved schools and discovered that he could not fit in with the other kids simply because he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough. He retreated in to a shy cocoon and would rarely express himself. Upon invitation Wordbenda performed a spoken word piece at a local poetry event. He received a standing ovation and a call for encore yet it was his first time performing! From then on he knew he was destined to bend words hence the name Wordbenda.

In January 2012 Wordbenda won the poetry competition Slam Africa. Later in the year he completed his studies at Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy artist development program, and ventured out into the music industry.

He has since performed at various events both within Kenya and out. He has also been featured on international internet based platforms such as BadilishaPoetry and iGrooveRadio. Wordbenda completed his undergraduate in Film Production and uses the skills learned to tell stories through film.

He draws from real life experiences, freedom struggle and overcoming the tag of underdog for his pieces and hip hop music provides a suitable platform for expressing these sentiments. A listen to his work is like a walk in an art gallery with pictures of a man trying to please God in this voyage called life, a young lion learning to emulate his Father Lion. 


Dorphan, official name Dennis Mutuma Mutua, is a 24-year-old spoken word artist who wants to inspire people, have fun with his art as well as leave the world a better place than he found it.

He grew up in Timau, Meru with his grandparents and admits that his life is more complicated than that. Poetry/spoken word brought him to Nairobi. He has performed on various platforms:

•        Slam Africa

•        Wamathai

•        My Night Poetry Night

•        Street Poetry

•        Radio interview at KBC English Service (THINK ART)

•        Radio interview at Meru FM

•        Hisia Zangu poetry workshop

•        Kwani open mic

•        Poetry spot

•        Eve of poetry

•        Poetry in the park

•        Performed in several high schools especially in Meru

Dorphan wants to live off his talent, and more importantly be a positive influence to many people both locally and internationally. He mostly writes about matters affecting the society – peace, love and unity, politics, environment, HIV/AIDS – as a way of addressing the issues affecting humanity and motivating people towards living right. He has over 1000 friends on Facebook and growing and about 50 followers on Twitter, which he joined just recently. He hasn’t been able to start up a blog yet. Besides being a spoken word artist he is an IT technician and a graphic designer.

Dorphan is the 34th Slam Africa king and 2nd runner’s up at Kwani? Slam 2013. He got a certificate of recognition from Meru TTI Guidance and Counselling Club where he used to be a member for advocating on HIV/AIDs awareness through spoken word. He is also a member of Meru Youth Arts Programme (MYAP).


A poet, a student, an art enthusiast, a lover of life.








A special appearance by Sarabi

Sarabi was formed in 2005 and has in the recent years proved to be one of the most promising Afro Fusion Band in Kenya. The group is made up of 8 young men hailing from the Eastlands Slums of Nairobi. All the members started playing music at an early age of 11 yrs and have over the years worked together to create one of the most solid bands in the Kenyan Music Scene. Their music, made up of heavy traditional Kenyan Rythms, Benga and a blend of Western sounds has proved to be the missing link in the Afro-fusion Genre of Music. A feature on Drum Magazine in Oct 2007 declared the Band as the next force in Kenyan music.

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