Open Mic
Kwani? Open Mic December 2013 Edition

Open Mic

Kwani? Open Mic December 2013 Edition

Featured Poet: Poeticbee
MC: Cindy Ogana

Date: 3rd December 2013
Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Mama Ngina Street, IMAX Cinema, Arfa Lounge
Entry: 250 Ksh at the gate.
Advance tickets only via Mpesa at ksh200: Simply select "Buy Goods" on your MPesa menu, enter the "Till Number" (56714) and follow instructions to complete transaction.

Poeticbee was born in the year 1992 Feb 4th. She’s what we could consider a countryside poet. Growing outside Nairobi makes most of her work relate to, and wish towards, that other life she hasn’t lived. Poeticbee started writing in 2008. Her first poem ‘Can you comprehend this?’ was inspired by the political crisis that going on at the time. Poeticbee questions social life, religion and humanity.

On a normal day a hot cup of tea gives her hiccups, but what’s normal to her is totally not to many.

Poeticbee has a special attachment to anything that makes a rhythm and she’s been working for years to merge her poetry with her musicality.

She has stood on stage with legends and spoken word/poetry artist like Kennet B on Radio Citizen for a poetry show that happens every Saturday.
Poeticbee is the 46th Slam Africa Queen, a June edition featured poet for Kwani? Open Mic.

She has a beauty and passion for re-arranging Norms – given a chance she should re-paint the sky.

Poeticbee is a vocalist, a poet, a writer and a performer, currently working on SPOKEN WORLD:S, an exchange program between Berlin and Nairobi, working among the greatest poets in Nairobi.

Poetry can’t be forced, it’s not competitive. It’s a lifestyle. To some is a taboo while to some it is what wakes them in the morning or what makes them stay alive. Poeticbee is one of those who will die with poetry.

Having been able to travel to some parts of the country Poeticbee has discovered diversities in poetry, and her wish is to capture every storyteller, poet, musician from any part and any corner, or form of art, and create an arena for all – all at the same time.

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