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If meaning has been manipulated leading to us killing each other, let us manipulate it so that we do not kill each other. - W.M

In the last couple of days, a group of Kenyan writers have been meeting to analyse and whack out ways to respond to the post-election crisis in Kenya.

One way has been through the production of a series of opinion pieces under the byline of Concerned Kenyan Writers. These pieces have and continue to be placed in various media outlets locally – Nairobi Star, Daily Nation and the East African- and internationally: New York Times, South Africa’s Mail & Guardian and Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
The aim of these opinion pieces has been to present a human face to the Kenyan post-election crisis; to counter the static images and impressions of escalating violence and anarchy in the foreign press and to document this turning point in our nation’s history for posterity.

Many articles have been written and many more continue to be written. With the express permission of all the writers involved and with the intention of keeping the conversation; the emerging dialogue alive, we will among other things, publish some of those pieces on this blog over the next couple of weeks.

We know that what we have now are just a fraction of the voices and we are willing to throw this space open for all those others, be they writers, ideologues, social scientists or else, that want to join us. Send us an email through info[at]kwani[dot]org or drop us a comment in the comments box of this blog.

There are also many other people that are doing what we are doing: (re) examining the Kenyan situation and we look forward to working with them towards building broader and more efficient synergies.

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