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Tale of Kasaya

Book Reviews

Tale of Kasaya

Author: Eva Kasaya
Editor: Jackie Lebo
Genre: Non fiction/Biography
ISBN: 9771493968012
No. of pages: 150
Price: Ksh 500 ($17)
Year of Publication: 2010

In his review of Tale of Kasaya, Andrew Doughman finds in the book, a refusal to “romanticize” Kenya, a story of “stark realism” that he says serves to alert society to the plight of house help. Read his full review which appeared in The EastAfrican newspaper  on 11th October 2010, of a book that provides an insight into a Kenya that is everywhere hidden in plain view, told in Eva Kasaya’s unflinching voice.

Tale of Kasaya: Stark tale of poverty and abuse — from the inside  by Andrew Doughman. Read the article here

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