'The work of one writer stood out from the rest.
Discovering Home is an accomplished and subtly imagined story. It shifts between different African locations with wit, wisdom and originality. It is a brilliant augur of future work from the author.’
AHDAF SOUEIF, Chair of the Judges of the Caine Prize.
Born in Cairo, Egypt, Ahdaf Soueif is the author of three col lec tions of short stories, Aisha, which was runner-up for The Guardian Fiction Prize, which was runner-up for The Guardian Fiction Prize, Aisha Sand piper and a collection of stories in Arabic which won the Cairo Book Fair Award for
Best Short Stories of the Year

‘Binyavanga’s winning story opens in Cape Town, in a den of the city’s hedonis- hedonistic excesses, on the eve of his journey back home, from Southern Africa to Central Af- tic Africa.
What makes it much more than a mere travelogue is that Wainaina has reclaimed rica. the genre. Travel writing is too often a focus on difference, a condensation of ‘their’ otherness in comparison with our cultural expectations.
Discovering Home turns this on its head - he is discovering a world made disfamiliar through his own departure.’
RICHARD BARTLETT, The African Review of Books