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The next volume of New Black Orpheus is billed for publication in May 2007. It will be the second to be published in the newly revived authoritative journal on African Literature. The first Vol. 7 No. 1 which carries an interview with South African poet and activist Dennis Brutus, is in press, due to be released in January 2007. Vol. 7 No. 2 will focus on literary currents and other cultural developments in the East Africa sub-region as seen by creative writers, critics, scholars and culture analysts. By this call, we request for short stories, original poems and critical essays for inclusion in the forthcoming volume.

            Each potential contributor to the creative writing section is allowed to submit a maximum of ten poems out of which a maximum of five will be published per writer. Only one short story or drama per writer will be accommodated. Owing to space constraints, contributors are advised to stick to one genre per submission.

            Critical essays should explore developments in the field of literary and cultural studies in East Africa between 1980 and 2006. Essays which focus on new writers and new writing will be particularly welcome. Specifically, we welcome any essays on trends in creative writing in the East African countries in order to graphically capture developments in the region in the last twenty odd years. However, essays on individual writers should be given enough depth. Manuscripts will be accepted in the hope that they have not been published elsewhere. Thereafter they g through a process of blind review and contributors will be informed about the outcome of the review process.

            Abstracts for such papers should be sent by 15th of February 2007. Contributors should include their names, institutional affiliation (if any) and address on the first, detachable page of their submissions. 

            Deadline for all submissions is 31st March 2007. All such submissions should be mailed electronically to:
or directly to:
            The Editor
            New Black Orpheus
            Department of English
            University of Lagos
            Akoka Lagos
For further enquiries, please contact
            Hope Eghagha (PhD)
            Department of English
            University of Lagos
            Lagos NIGERIA





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