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The Programme
Kwani Trust seeks to engage an intern with interest in the arts. The internship program will run for a period of six months and will involve the candidate being engaged in the daily running of various functional units within Kwani Trust.

Programme objectives
To attract and develop interest to prospective administrators in the arts.

Kwani Trust prides itself as a space for creative minds. In this kind of environment our interns will not only develop keener interest in the arts, but will hone their administrative skills.

Share our experience in the art business

Kwani Trust  has  very distinct brands in the market; its successes and popularity continue to grow on a day-to-day basis both within and outside the country. In engaging an intern, we are offering to share the success of the platform we have created.

Training ground:
The Programme will offer hands-on training on the day to day running of a vibrant arts organization.

The intern will report to the General Manager and but work under different functional unit heads. Within the different functional units they will be inducted on the operation of the unit and assigned duties under supervision.  The units are:


  • assisting the General Manager with clerical work
  • receiving and directing office communication, including email, telephone calls and visitors to the office premises.


  • receiving and filing of writers' submissions
  • proofreading and editing of submitted works
  • liasing between editors at  Kwani Trust and the writers.

Marketing and Public relations

  • Organising Kwani Trust events
  • Distribution of media briefings
  • Sales and distribution of Kwani products.
About Kwani Trust

Kwani Trust publishes Kwani? , Kenya's only journal of contemporary writing. Kwani? is a serious publication of over 300 pages of new journalism, fiction, experimental writing, poetry, cartoons photographs, literary travel writing and creative non-fiction.

Before Kwani? Kenyans had stopped buying and reading literary material outside of school texts. In three years, we have sold over five thousand copies of the journal. A new generation of Kenyans are now reading actively. All together,  thirty thousand Kenyans have read Kwani? and we continue to grow.

Much is said about lack of a reading culture in Kenya; what we have found is that the literary intelligentsia, together with African publishers and founders of literary projects have lost touch with a new generation of Africans who are sick of being talked down to; who are seeking to understand the bewildering world around them who wish to be validated in print.

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