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Nyof Nyof
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Nyof Nyof - by Jambazi Fulani
Ati the makanga of the fifty-eight mathree was mbolox so Koi fuatad nyayo and placed herself in the admirable eyes of Waf (short for Wafula). Waf was the dere of Western Bull the mathree known for its bullish horn that attracted the choosiest of the bunch in Buru. She had dissed Maish because he was not focused; he happened to be bila chums and needed also to improve on perso. Lately it was rumoured he was courting some ka high school projo which made Koi feel old and intimidated. Koi was a typical Boma girl trying to organize her perso and recently employed as a marketer for Safaricom. In as much as she had at some point endeared herself to Maish and had said yes to him her discovery made her take a better option and as far as she was concerned Waf may not have been well connected but at least she was willing to enjoy for his availability.

Unbeknownst to her Waf was not what she envisaged trust deres. There was this afti when she happened to be marketing near Mesora and for some reason after calling the office established it was not necessary to go back. So she went like to look for some lunch. She remembered the kajoint where the deres normally buy their nyam chom and headed there just in case she could capitalise or perchance Waf would be there.
The joint wasn't really parked but the nyam chom was calling yaani the aroma was beckoning her to some lunch. Njoro happened to be the one running the joint on this day. He gave her that knowing look and asked her

"Kama kawaida?"
" Lakini usijaze" she replied she juad that if she kulad so much it would take some time before she shed of the kathreatening pot.
"hizi ndizo masaa za Waf mulikuwa nakadate nini?" Njoro asked
" Zii ni kuchance tu" she responded knowingly. The kiosk was another of those information agencies. Vibe must have gone round that something was cutting between her and Waf.
She thought she heard Western Bull mathree honk and brake. Then she heard the familiar voice Waf's
" Soja si unipigie roundi utapata ka nishaa beng kidogo?"
"Sawa Waf" Soja seemed to oblige

Then she thought she heard some kagiggle and Waf's voice seemingly inducing some concern like he was vibing some kagirl. She just tuliad and in came Waf. He was with some kasupu holding her compromisingly and as he entered he shouted,.."Vipi Njoro nijazie kama kawaida na unitreatie haka ka KAR.

Njoro tried to contain himself and pretended he was wiping the table then he whispered to Waf
" We ushaabambwa si uchecki one o'clock".

He turned in shock in time to see Koi leaving. Tongue tied and slightly embarrassed he stayed on guilty as charged.

Meanwhile Koi realised that she had been taken for a ride and begun to understand that he was a man of the industry and things had just gone Nyof Nyof. It was seemingly a pretty mbof storo.