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New Book Releases From Kwani Trust

Press Releases

New Book Releases From Kwani Trust


Kwani Trust is pleased to announce the release of 5 new titles; 'Kwani? 05 Part 2 - Revelations & Conversations', 'The True Story of David Munyakei- Goldenberg Whistleblower',  by Billy Kahora, 'The Life & Times of Richard Onyango',  by Richard Onyango, 'The Life of Mzee Ondego',  by Enock Ondego and 'Internally Misplaced',  by Wambui Mwangi.

A launch of these titles will be held at Club Afrique on Thursday 23rd July 2009 at 7pm. The launch is part of a double header event between Kwani Trust and Eric Wainaina who will perform in concert after the Kwani? Launch.

'Kwani? 05 Part 2: Revelations & Conversations', An Anthology

Kwani? 05 Part 2, 'Revelations and Conversations' is the second volume of a collection of testimonials, creative non-fiction, poetry, essays and photography in response to the 2007 elections and its aftermath.


'The True Story of David Munyakei; Goldenberg Whistleblower' by Billy Kahora

In April 1992, David Sadera Munyakei, a newly employed clerk at the Central Bank of Kenya started noticing irregularities in the export compensation claims he was processing. On July 31st 2006, Kenya's biggest whistleblower passed away in rural obscurity, 14 years after exposing the Goldenberg scandal, Kenya's biggest economic scandal to date, estimated at over USD 1 billion. Billy Kahora recounts his story.


'The Life & Times of Richard Onyango' by Richard Onyango

This Kwani-ni? edition tells a street-to-canvas bildunsroman of one of Kenya's most successful artists, inspired by a great love of his life.  Richard Onyango tells his coming of age story; from his beginnings as a musical apprentice at the Coast, to lover of Drossie, to his emergence as a force in the international art world.


'The Life of Mzee Ondego' by Enock Ondego

Mzee Ondego, Kenya's greatest choirmaster and Kenyatta confidante tells the story of his relationship with Kenya's founding father. Unknown as the man behind one of Kenya's most influential songs - the haunting dirge that played on during those fateful days after the death of Kenya's first president, Mzee Ondego remembers a time that has become part of our living memory


'Internally Misplaced' by Wambui Mwangi

In this story, Seth Karanja, Madam's professional driver, is having an extremely bad day. Tribe has risen against tribe and his niece, Wacera, has fallen pregnant. To do Madam's bidding, move from place to place and think calmly of a solution to his niece's pregnancy, Seth has to watch out for the machetes on the street. revisits a Nairobi under siege after the 2007 elections, and presents a day in the life of this character as Kenya burns.
There will be a series of panel discussions, book signings and author interviews for all 5 titles above at the 'Kwani? @ The Storymoja Hay Festival 2009' from Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August at the Impala Grounds. For a full programme of Kwani? Events at this Festival, please visit or email Wambui Thuku on;


For more information on the above titles, please call 020 235 7295 email, or contact:
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Interviews : Angela Wachuka -
Sales & Distribution : Mike Mburu -

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