"Writing Africa" - Call for Entries


"Writing Africa" - Call for Entries


The theme can be interpreted in a number of ways. As a guide: we are
looking for submissions that engage with the following types of questions:

- What does it mean to write about Africa?
- How does one come to terms with textual representation in, from or of
the continent?
- What role does writing play in creating and or reflecting African
culture and society?
- How do those looking onto Africa evoke the continent through texts�
whether creative or scholastic?
- How do African authors or critics inscribe local idioms onto the page?
- What role does the African writer play within his or her social and
cultural field?
- How has the act of writing from Africa changed from colonial or
apartheid times to the post-colonial and the post-apartheid?
- How does the African Diaspora express itself through writing?
- Is it still necessary for Africa to write back to History or Empire?

We are interested in high quality, original submissions, from a range of
disciplines. While we look forward to submissions that deal with some of
the archetypal debates around textuality and writing in or of Africa, we
are also hoping for submissions that take a more nuanced approach.


Long papers should be between 5000 and 8000 words and short submissions,
1500-3000 words; photographic essays, 10 to 15 photographs, 1000-1200

Emailed submission should be addressed to The Managing Editor, and sent to or You can also submit on our

Please ensure all submissions contain a short abstract (200 words),
biography (50 words), with relevant contact details.

If you would like to submit a photographic essay, please ensure that your
work marries both text and image in fluid ways. And, if you would like to
review a book please would you email the Managing Editor by 31st April

For correct formatting, please see

The Managing Editor
Centre for African Studies
Harry Oppenheimer Institute Building
Level 3
University of Cape Town

Tel: +27 (0)21 650 2308
Fax: +27 (0)21 686 1505

Visit the website at

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