Open Mic
Kwani? Open Mic October 2014 Edition

Open Mic

Kwani? Open Mic October 2014 Edition

Featured Poet: Wordbenda

MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 7th October 2014
Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Mama Ngina Street, IMAX Cinema, Arfa Lounge

Entry: 400 Ksh at the gate.
Advance tickets only via Mpesa at ksh300: Simply select "Buy Goods" on your MPesa menu, enter the "Till Number" (56714) and follow instructions to complete transaction.

As a child, Wordbenda’s world was shattered when he moved schools and discovered that he could not fit in with the other kids simply because he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough. He retreated in to a shy cocoon and would rarely express himself. Upon invitation Wordbenda performed a spoken word piece at a local poetry event. He received a standing ovation and a call for encore yet it was his first time performing! From then on he knew he was destined to bend words hence the name Wordbenda.

In January 2012 Wordbenda won the poetry competition Slam Africa. Later in the year he completed his studies at Penya Africa’s Sauti Academy artist development program, and ventured out into the music industry.

He has since performed at various events both within Kenya and out. He has also been featured on international internet based platforms such as BadilishaPoetry and iGrooveRadio. Wordbenda completed his undergraduate in Film Production and uses the skills learned to tell stories through film.


Real life experiences, freedom struggle and overcoming the tag of underdog are key themes in Wordbenda’s pieces and hip hop music provides a most suitable platform for expressing these sentiments. A listen to his work is like a walk in an art gallery with pictures of a man trying to please God in this voyage called life, a young lion learning to emulate his Father Lion.



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