Kwani? Out & About
Kwani? At The Nairobi International Book Fair

Kwani? Out & About

Kwani? At The Nairobi International Book Fair

Date: 23rd-27th September 2009
Venue: Sarit Centre
Free Entry

Kwani trust would like to invite you to it’s two literary events at the Nairobi Book Fair to be held between 23rd-27th September.

1.Writers In Conversation: Richard Onyango and Mzee Ondego event from two of its recently launched titles; ‘The Life & Times of Richard Onyango’, by Richard Onyango, ‘The Life of Mzee Ondego’, by Enock Ondego. This event will be held on Saturday, 26th September.

2.Kwani? Short Story Competition Event: Kwani Trust will also hold a showcase reading of material received so far from the Kwani? short story competition, ‘The Kenya I Live In’. This event will be held on Thursday, 24th September, 2009.

‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF RICHARD ONYANGO’ BY RICHARD ONYANGO This Kwani-ni? edition tells a street-to-canvas bildunsroman of one of Kenya ’s most successful artists, inspired by a great love of his life. Richard Onyango tells his coming of age story; from his beginnings as a musical apprentice at the Coast, to lover of Drossie, to his emergence as a force in the international art world.

‘THE LIFE OF MZEE ONDEGO’ BY ENOCK ONDEGO Mzee Ondego, Kenya ’s greatest choirmaster and Kenyatta confidante tells the story of his relationship with Kenya ’s founding father. Unknown as the man behind one of Kenya’s most influential songs – the haunting dirge that played on during those fateful days after the death of Kenya’s first president, Mzee Ondego remembers a time that has become part of our living memory.

All Kwani? products will be available at our stand.


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